Incoming Students

Students from ERASMUS partner universities may spend one or two semesters at Aksaray University within the ERASMUS+ programme. In order to be able to participate in the ERASMUS programme, there has to be a bilateral agreement with the partner university assigned to the relevant field of study.

If you are interested in studying at ASU as an exchange student, you should contact the international studies coordinator at your home university or department. To be admitted at ASU as an exchange student you must first be accepted as an exchange student at your home university.

Step 1. Nomination:
First, your home university has to nominate you for your exchange mobility to ASU. A nomination letter includes the student’s name, surname and e-mail address faculty/department, and it is to be sent to e[email protected]

Deadlines for applications are:
Autumn semester: June 1st
Spring semester: December 1st

Step 2. Application:

The application forms should be filled in electronically, printed out, signed and sent to [email protected]

For the courses for Erasmus incoming students please click the weblink.  After you click the weblink you will see the departments at the faculty. You may select courses from different departments. To see the list of courses please click Course & Programme Outcomes.

The document package should be complete. Learning Agreement has to be filled in, stamped and signed by the university and the student applying for the mobility. With all issues related to the study programmes and required courses students should consult ECTS guide and course catalogue annually prepared by each faculty.

Step 3. Admission:
After the confirmation of the documents you will receive the Letter of Acceptance and will be provided with other relevant information concerning your studies, including detailed information on your chosen courses, information on travel possibilities, medical insurance, visa requirements ect.

The Erasmus Student Network in ASU runs a Buddy Programme that means that a Buddy student will be arranged for you. He/she will try to make your arrival and settling down in Aksaray city as easy as possible. It is important to inform the ESN  Aksaray University in advance about your exact arrival time in Aksaray, so that the details about your pick-up can be specified.