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Erasmus Policy Statement


Erasmus Policy Statement 2021-2027

Aksaray University has been working in determination since its foundation in 2006. As an university we advocates quality before quantity. Aksaray University’s fundamental mission as stated in Bologna Process is to graduate creative, sophisticated and world-class students in the light of universal values. Aksaray University aims to educate students who will be superior, contemporary and qualified persons by benefiting from; technology, culure and art. For the realization of these missions internationalization of university has a vital importance . Aksaray University pays much attention to its EU programs.. Aksaray University was first awarded with Erasmus Charter in 2008 and step by step superimpose over its success on international area by broadining its networks, bilateral agreements and mutual cooperations. Thanks to Erasmus student mobilities, teaching mobilities and training mobilities each academic units’ students,academic staffs and administrative staffs fairly benefit from Erasmus+ Mobilities and get a chance to cooperate in international platform. Aksaray University feel social responsibility for the internationalization of university; because university spreads its lights all over the city that it is located and all the poeple in that city feel theinternational atmosphere.

Thanks to Erasmus Programme Aksaray University is making plans to have %10 of undergraduate student body to be composed of international students in two years’ time and prepare its cirrrucula both in national language and English for foreign students to actively participate the courses. International Relations Office of Aksaray University has orientation programs to meet the needs of exchange students. Most of the faculties are located in main campus, inside the main campus there are; dormitories, shopping center,library and other social facilities. Aksaray University has given impetus in Erasmus bilateral agreement by making agreements with 21 EU countries and still trying to expand its networks. 

For the practicality of Erasmus Programme Internatinal Office established implementation instructions and the head of International Office assigned volunteer coordinators for each department, each academic year the commitee select students. Equality, transparency, tolerance are the characterisic features of Aksaray University International Office. Furthermore, each faculty coordinator work intensively to get involve Intensive Programme and Thematic Networks. Aksaray University pays much attention to the implementation of ECTS as an integral part of syllabi and Diploma Supplement to get transparent and accurate educational outcomes.

New Face of Awareness is our university’s motto and we follow this motto in all of our actions.University’s Erasmus website,posters,handouts,booklets and promotional exercises, and prior year’s outgoing Erasmus students’ experiences reinforce our efforts on Erasmus Mobilities.Erasmus Policy Statement was carefully approved by each faculty’s coordinators and will be shown in Erasmus webpage.

Aksaray University has divided Erasmus Mobility Programme into three phases to create an organized process; the first phase is contact meetings with students and staffs to inform them about Erasmus Programme and importance of internationalization in a general meaning, second phase is selection of students and staffs for Erasmus Mobilities; equality,transparency are the fundamental two criterias in the selection prodecure and the third phase is evaluation of returned outgoing students’ assessments of Erasmus experiences. Aksaray University is committed to a comprehensive policy on diversity and equality and seeks to provide a learning, working and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its members are respected and which is free from discriminations,prejudices and intimidation. 

 International Relations Office holds informative conferences on Erasmus+ programs, our webpage includes current informations and visual contents. In order to gain attraction to Erasmus Programme International Office staffs organize an album of outgoing and incoming students Erasmus photos, and their writings on their experience. Aksaray University is also regard disabled students’ and staffs’ rights in Erasmus mobilities. In order to give publicity to EPS, EPS will be shown in International Relations Office’s webpage,also Erasmus University Charter is hanged on the wall of International Relations Office and in orientation meetings the content of EPS and Erasmus University Charter is verbally explaned by Erasmus Officers to the students and staffs. EUC and EPS will give momentum and visibility to erasmus activities. Our university intends to comply with not only Erasmus activities and EPS but also educational policy of the EU. Aksaray University is committed to principle of gender equality; in Erasmus activities we pay much attention to equal diversity of genders,integration of disabled students and staff, enhancement of social and economic cohesion,combating of xenophabia and racism.

Aksaray University is strictly committed to EU educational policy and Bologna Process’s criterias. Intercultural dialogue and tolerance are the fundamental course of action for our university.Gender equality is implemented both in the dispersion of staff and students. In each faculties we have equal number of male and female students and staffs. For Erasmus programme; in all mobiltiy actions our Erasmus committee select equal number of male and female participant. Integration of disabled students and staff are supported extra funds by university, to encourage them International Relations Officers become voluntary guide for them in their erasmus mobility process, and this encouragement enhance their motivation. After outgoing Erasmus students turn back to our university, they share their ideas about; the culture,education system, lifestyle of that country with their friends also they find chance to improve their English language and for their future life they will be a step further from their friends in their career. Xenophabia and racism are the barriers in intercultural integration, so Aksaray University is against these two judgments. We see poeple as a human and each human need another one. To overcome xenophabia , we pay much attention to the orientation of foreign students. We integrate them with our students, in a short time they became like close friends, and they establish close friendships that will continue forever. Thanks to Erasmus experience we enhance our university’s missions such as; internationalization, social cohesion,gender equality.

To ensure highest quality all the courses and credits obtained while studying abroad will be recognized also placement mobilities will be recognized by Aksaray University. Besides, ECTS credits are used in all academic units to facilitate academic recognition of Erasmus study periods abroad. University aims to ensure an easily readabl , understandable,comparable system of degrees in a competetive and compatible higher education area. Quality assurance,accreditation,learning outcomes have a vital importance in Erasmus mobilities so Aksaray University has started to implement these features to its own educational policy since its foundation.

Aksaray University’s previous Erasmus experience will help to implement good practises in student placements.
Vocational education is one of the fundamental structures of Aksaray University, Aksaray University has 6 different vocational school in its structure. Each vocational school houses many technical and administrative programs, each school has aboutprograms, and all the students in these vocational schools are so willing to benefit from Erasmus Student Placement. Student placement is very benefical experience for innovative job training, they can aware of their capacity after job training. Aksaray University supports the innovation,development,trainings in the framework of Erasmus. The student placement provide the enhancement of cooperation between universities and enterprises. Thanks to these trainings employability of graduates and students will be considerably increased. Students will become more qualified for private sector. Our University has organized Leonardo da Vinci Programmes with EU countries, the outcomes of the programme was very useful and currently we have mutual cooperations with the enterprises in partner countries. Our students may choose the enterprises for their placement mobility from our contact or they may find the enterprises by themselves suitable for their needs. Furthermore Aksaray University will provide practical arrangements (travel,accomodation, insurance,) both for outgoing and incoming students. For incoming students University may provide accomodation and International Relations Office staffs may help students on their practical needs. Our institution arranges short term and intensive language courses for the students who participate to the programme.Students may enhance their speaking ability during the courses. Coordinators will monitor the process while the students are in training and if any help is needed coordinator will asssist them. Work-Programme will be prepared suitable to students needs and work-load . At the end of the mobility a kind of evaluation test will be done to evaluate the outcome of placement mobilities and University will try to expand good practises .